Civil War Emergency Preparation – Mastering Survival Techniques!

 Civil War Emergency Preparation   Mastering Survival Techniques!Peace is fast becoming a scarce commodity in all parts of the world. If the threat of war is not from over the boarders it is from within – civil war is what every country fears more than international aggression. The risk of having to face a civil war is an omnipresent risk and people need to need to be educated vis-à-vis what they need to do in times of civil unrest.Civil war is no different guess survival kits than a conventional war fought between two countries; the only difference is that the army is fighting people within the country. Nevertheless civil war can be a very devastating experience especially for women and children who in most cases are not equipped to fend for themselves. Apart from food, shelter and clothing problems civil war brings with it atrocities in the form of human rights violations – from military as well as civilian forces.

Every family living in a country that is threatened by civil war needs to put in place a contingency plan in case there is any unrest. These people should never live in the hope that their government will provide for them in times of unrest. Government, at most times, will heap atrocities on the people in times of civil war – remember that the government is fighting civilians in their own country.

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Carney, OK, Tornado – 5-19-13

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